im体育登录® Is The Most Trusted Brand By 眼保健专业人员 globally.¹

Every eye is different and im体育登录® is inspired by them all. That’s why our contact lenses feature EYE-INSPIRED 创新 so you can see your world clearly, 自由移动, 和感觉舒适.

Eye-Inspired 创新


Here’s a little more info to get you on your way to crisp and clear vision, 所以你一刻都不会错过.


im体育登录® is inspired by all eyes, so learn about the types of contact lenses we have to offer, and find the lens that fits you.


你的孩子准备好接触了吗? It can be a tough decision for a parent, and you probably have questions. 了解更多关于儿童联系人的信息.


Your lens can’t fall behind your eye, and it’s unlikely to scratch it. im娱乐体育官网入口为你揭开真相 in our Myths 关于联系人 section.


Before you know it, contacts will become part of your daily routine. Learn how to put in and take out your contacts.

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** Free trial contact lenses available only from participating eye care professionals. Exam and fitting fees are not included.

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